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The core of the shredder is the grinding device in the middle base area. Two inward-turning augers with tempered knives made out of special steel convey the cut material to the middle of the tank, which ensures homogeneous shredding and blending.

Hardox 400-reinforced components or stainless steel tanks and grinder´s parts are available on demand. No matter what version you choose – MARMIX industrial shredders are designed for durability and trustworthiness.  

According to individual demands we offer a wide range of highly effective electric or Diesel engines as well as PTO-propelled solutions. Generously dimensioned and reliable power transmissions ensure stable shredding results – still at highest demands.

MARMIX industrial is specialized in developing customized solutions, that would fit to all imaginable requirements. Hydraulic lift systems, dogging cranes, mechanical spreaders and a big variety of outlet conveyors are part of our design portfolio. No matter what your demands are, we find the appropriate technical solution.

Operating range: Shredding of biomass, clippings and waste wood up to 150 mm diameter as well as the most common sorts of urban waste and recyclable material.  

Shredder in Action